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Why cement tile?

We bring modern and organic tile designs to the tradition of
cement tile manufacturing with a technique that has been around since the late 19th Century.


Cement Tile from Sabine Hill takes a clean and modern approach tile design, but we continue to use century old techniques to hand make every tile, one by one. Slight imperfections are characteristic in all handmade tile and add to the appeal.


Suitable for both wall and floor in both residential and commercial applications. They can even be used outdoors in warmer climates. Our tiles are non-slippery when compared to traditional tile.


Cement tiles are eco-friendly because they are made from only natural components like sand, marble dust and natural mineral pigments. They are also produced without firing or burning fossils fuels.

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meet the designer

Meet Lyndsey Glasener, designer and owner of Sabine Hill. With an educational background in Architecture, Construction and Design, her extensive travels throughout the world has been her palette of inspiration. As doors always seem to open when we least expect them, Lyndsey walked through one and began a career in the tile industry. Employed by a national tile manufacturer, she filled many roles in both sales and marketing, broadened her canvas, and grew her incredible attention to detail and love of the industry.
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