Cement Tile

Cement Tile

You have many options when it comes to choosing flooring for your home. One of the most beautiful and durable options is cement tile. There are some important advantages to choosing tile over other types of flooring. Tile is durable so it can easily be used in high traffic areas and commercial installations as well as in the home. Tiles are slip-resistant, making them an ideal choice for kitchens, baths and walkways.

Most importantly, tile is attractive. It is available in a large array of colors and can be arranged in an almost endless choice of patterns. Tile is also considered a green construction product. They are eco-friendly since they are made with natural materials, mineral pigments and are created without using fossil fuels.

About Cement Tile

There are many types of tiles that are available. The most common types of tiles include encaustic, hydraulically pressed tile, concrete tile, mosaicos, French tile, Belgian tile, Spanish tile, Moroccan tile, Cuban tile, Vietnamese tile and Mexican tile.  

At Sabine Tile, we use old world techniques to bring out the best in our tiles. We hand make them, one by one. Each one has its own unique characteristics, making them quite beautiful and charming. The slight imperfections are extremely desirable and result in a stunning floor or wall. Although we make tile the way they were made for years, our designs are completely modern.

Our tiles are cement although they are sometimes referred to as encaustic. Our tiles are colored using natural pigmentation during the creation process, which is different than encaustic tiles, which use different colored clay. Cement tile is placed into a hydraulic press where it hardens and air-cures for a period of 24 hours. Then it is covered in water for another period of 24 hours, then air dried for 10 days.

Choosing Tile

Cement tile is available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors. Popular shapes include square, rectangular and hexagonal. They also come in bullnose and base moldings. They also come in sizes to fit on stairs. Tiles can be used both on walls and floors and outdoors in warm climates. We offer a large selection of colors including a variety of earth tones, blues, greens, yellow, grey, black and white. We can also create custom colors based on your specifications.

Tiles can be placed to create literally thousands of different patterns. You can choose one of our designs or you can design one of your own. Our custom tile design tool allows you to select your own patterns, shapes and colors to see what the design will look like. You can rotate it and view it in a group of 16 tiles to get a good idea of the overall pattern. You can even download the finished work and print it out for reference. We will be happy to review your design with you and get started with ordering and installing your new tiles. Contact us today to learn more about purchasing tiles for your residential or commercial space.  

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