Cement Tiles OR Concrete Tiles?

Cement Tile samples
A friend keeps saying to me 'cement is to concrete, as flour is to bread'... and he is Right!...so lets clarify. Why are we calling them Cement Tiles?

The tiles are made from a combination of cement, water and aggregates; therefore they are concrete. BUT, because we use such fine aggregates (such as marble and limestone powder), and because of the elaborate handmade production process, the finished tiles exhibit little resemblance to most people's image of concrete (when I think of concrete, I think of sidewalks... see photo above!)
These tiles are most commonly known as Cement Tiles in the A+D community, so we're sticking to it... cement tiles they are!

Other names commonly used are: encaustic cement tile, hydraulically pressed tile, mosaicos, French tile, Belgian tile, Spanish tile, Moroccan tile, Cuban tile, Vietnamese tile, Mexican tile, concrete tile, carreau de ciment, ladrillo colonial and piso de pasta.

To see how the tiles are made CLICK HERE